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Friday, December 28, 2007

Project Pill Gates Available for Last 48hrs

Project Pill Gates Available Slot.

Project Pill Gates door has been slammed shut, I've held on to an open window.
this window will last only for 48hrs. so hurry.

This post will self-destruct after 48hrs.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Generate Unstoppable Web Traffic Jo Han Mok Copywriting Workshop

Jo Han Mok reveals the exponential way you can generate traffics using articles.

This web traffic generation video clip is part of a series of internet marketing workshop conducted by Jo Han Mok.

Internet Marketing Namesqueeze Page Jo Han Mok Workshop

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brand New Video Skins Templates For Websites

Video skins templates package for online video presentation...

This has got to be the best of the pack!

Niche Themed Video Skins Templates - 16 Sets
See video skins package here

Optin/Video Skin Squeeze Page Templates 3 sets

Testimonial Video Skins Templates - 1 set

Classical Video Skins - 9 sets x 2 sizes

If you use videos on your websites, this is definitely for you...
Download 2 video skins now

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ewen Launch AutopilotProfits system

3 days ago, I received Ewen's email on his launch of AutoPilotProfits.

This system promise to show you the autopilot way to making your profits online with advance techniques and insider's information because he wants to make sure that it will be the Fastest, Easiest, and Laziest ‘Plug-And-Play’ system ever offered in the history of internet marketing.

You don't need to spend time creating a technically beautiful website (you don't need a site at all).

You don't need to hunt for a winning product to sell.

You don't need to spend big bucks on great sales copy.

You don't need employees, or inventory, or any of the things that make a "business" a pain in the neck.

In fact, you don't even need a single idea of your own.

You see, as I delved into Autopilot Profits, I realized that the system is jam-packed with advanced cutting edge techniques and information that would be make many marketers overwhelmed. It’s a shame because there will be plenty of marketers who could profit tremendously from Autopilot Profits, but without the essential additional information, will just not make it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Voted Best Speaker World Internet Summit 2006 Singapore

He did it in Singapore 2005 World Internet Summit..

There was an obvious attempt (some says two) to do it again this year, but..

Nope he did not get it..

for an hour or so David Cavanagh went on stage reminding, teasing, boasting of his past achievement of being voted Best Speaker in Singapore 2005.

He even wrote on the easel "David is Sexy" or something to that effect..

That still didn't work..

At the end of the event, the combination of sauve stage presence, immaculate showmanship and keeping things simple still connects best with the audience..

John Childers - Voted Best Speaker World Internet Summit 2007 Singapore and Vincent Lim
I personally was full of praise for Rick Raddatz and John Childers before the results were out.

It was no suprise when Brett MaFall announce John Childers the Best Speaker of World Internet Summit Singapore 2006.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I learned from World Internet Summit 2006 Singapore

Boy, was it an eye opener!

The standard of the speakers at world internet summit 2005 are just awesome!

The list itself is impressive!
The keynote speaker - Jay Abraham, yes you heard me right.. you can feel his stage presence from a mile away!!

We also have the organiser Tom Hua, Brett McFall and Success Resources, Richard Tan.

Tom woo the internet marketing newbies by demonstrating how to create your website from scratch using microsoft front page.
He then top it up by embeding a video recorded live at the event which got the crowds first big round of voluntary applause!

The video thingy service was new to me.. ha.. my first learning at the World Internet Summit.

Brett then talks about copywriting as being your 24/7 salesperson that brings in the cash for your website.

My personal favourite speakers is Rick Raddatz..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great Support and Local Internet Marketing Community

Attended Stuart's Subscribers Gathering yesterday..

I must say its the most supportive and vibrant Internet Marketing community in Singapore I know of..

Where do you find such passionate coaches that organise monthly gathering for free?

Learnt and clarified some points on using wordpress as a blogging platform..

Yeah, one advice for those who did not install wordpress on your on domain..
You lack the feature to add in a list of ping server to notify when you've posted new blog post.

I couldn't find it on the free one at wordpress, a check on the wordpress at my own hosted domains I discovered the feature in the option tab..